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What is National Picnic Week? Find Out and Discover Lots of Easy Picnic Ideas, Including Inspiration for Posh Picnic Ideas, Baskets, Picnic Sets and More!

Having a picnic is a tradition that has spanned generations. Whether you are wooing a significant other, spending time with friends or looking for a fun family day out, picnics are great for all sorts of occasions.

Easy Picnic Ideas - Family

This article is jam packed with the best picnic ideas to ensure your afternoon in the sunshine is perfect! We have even put together an inspirational list of the best picnic food to get your taste buds tingling.

So whether posh picnic ideas take your fancy, or you prefer a chilled spontaneous picnic with family or friends, this article will set your imagination in full swing!

What’s more, National Picnic Week is just around the corner, so there is no better reason to pack up the hamper! If you are asking yourself “what is national picnic week” then read on below:

What is National Picnic Week?

National Picnic Week runs from the 16th-25th June each year and encourages people to leave the stuff indoors and enjoy a picnic outside. Soak up the sunshine and embrace nature in all its glory on a hot summer’s day, by using our picnic lunch ideas below.

Want To Treat Your Special Someone This Summer? Pick Up One Of These 2 Person Cool Picnic Baskets

Taking your loved one on a picnic can be a great romantic date. All you need, is to choose the picnic hamper most suited to you, find a nice spot in a park or by a lake, and relax in the company of Mother Nature.

The 2 person chiller fitted basket features a chilled compartment and cutlery in an attractive wicker hamper. All picnic hampers in this article are made by using sustainable materials, so they are perfect for those of you who are environmentally conscious.

If you fancy a smart basket dressed beautifully in a willow wash and kitted out with all the utensils you need for a lovely afternoon, check out this 2 person boat fitted picnic basket.

For a complete hamper, the deluxe fully fitted 2 person traditional picnic basket is an excellent choice and comes decked out with absolutely everything needed for a lush picnic including:

  • Plates
  • Cutlery
  • Bottle opener
  • Napkins
  • Mugs
  • Salt and pepper
  • A chopping board and more!

With this set of utensils you can seriously impress your date with your outdoor culinary skills!

Posh Picnic Ideas - Deluxe Luxury Basket - Traditional

Looking For The Best Picnic Ideas For You And Your Friends? Check Out These 4 Person Picnic Hampers

Going on a picnic can be a fun outing for you and your friends and it’s easy with these pre-made picnic tableware sets. If you are looking for a fitted basket, pick up this gorgeous tweed style in blue  or the antique wash fitted picnic basket for some great 4 person picnic sets.

What’s more, right now there is a fantastic discount on the green tweed fitted picnic basket, which is ideal for Friday nights and watching the sunset down the beach with good wine and great conversation!

Posh Picnic Ideas - Blue Tweed
Luxury Gifts Women - discount tweed picnic basket with tableware

Got A Larger Group To Entertain This Summer? Picnic In Luxury With A 6 Person Luxury Picnic Set

If you are looking to impress a group, then pick out one of these huge 6 person picnic sets. This stylish Bentley fitted picnic basket features 6 champagne picnic glasses and room for 3 bottles in addition to the cutlery and cooler bag.

If food is a priority and you would prefer more space for your cheese and biscuits, how about this spacious fully fitted 6 person picnic basket?

Picnic Baskets UK - 6 Person Picnic
Best Picnic Ideas - Premium 6 Person Picnic Basket

Looking For a More Compact Picnic Set? Pick Up One Of These Picnic Rucksacks Instead

Hikers and adventurers will find the 2 person and 4 person picnic backpacks more suitable for long treks and hikes.

Picnic rucksacks will be more comfortable to carry on your outdoor pursuits, especially with their padded straps which them ideal for bringing a little style and comfort to your picnic stops out in the wild!

Each picnic rucksack contains the following:

  • Cooler compartment
  • Stainless cutlery
  • Plastic plates
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Plastic goblets

Picnic Rucksacks - 4 Person

Going For a More Adult Picnic? Grab Some Picnic Glasses For These Drinks Baskets!

If you are heading out for some evening entertainment or to a day festival, you will love these awesome drinks baskets! Enjoy a boozy summertime picnic with this garden picnic basket with classic red and white check lining and complete with 12 glasses and space for 4 bottles of wine.

You can also bring the party to the picnic and enjoy the music with this beautiful oval festival drinks basket.

Picnic Glasses and Basket (Garden)
Cool Picnic Baskets - Oval

Looking For Reusable Tableware? Enjoy Free Delivery On These Melamine Crockery Sets

Melamine picnic sets are more durable than traditional picnic tableware sets, which makes them great for regular picnic goers.

You can browse the whole selection of fashionable designs which are also a must-have kitchen accessory for those impromptu teddy bear’s picnics in the garden you’re your little ones!

What’s great about the selection of melamine picnic sets is that you can buy a 16 piece set like this gorgeous and colourful design, and invest in some extra mugs for when you invite all your family and friends along for a picnic.

Melamine Picnic Sets - Camping Dining Set

Already Got The Basket? Complete The Set with One of These Extra Large Picnic Blankets

Picnics are great because they can be as simple or elaborate as necessary. Get comfortable with a giant picnic blanket to lay it all your fabulous food on! With a selection spanning luxury bluegreen and yellow picnic blankets, there is something for everyone.

All picnic blankets waterproof backing to keep them fresh for longer. Plus you can currently save a fantastic £15 on this pretty slick VW picnic rug if you are a fan of the retro style.

Extra Large Pinic Blanket - VW

Now for the Main Attraction – the Food! Check Out These Tasty Ideas and Pack The Best Picnic Food for Your Outdoor Adventure

Looking For Luxury in Your Ideas for Picnic Food? Try These Posh Picnic Ideas

Picnics can be fancy affairs and you will need to come with lots of posh picnic ideas, particularly if you are looking to impress. A good bottle of wine and a fine selection of grapes and cheeses make for a simple and elegant picnic.

If it is a special occasion remember a bottle of champagne and perhaps choose a sophisticated selection of crisps and dips, or a box of heavenly chocolates, and strawberries and cream.

Want to Maintain Your Fitness Routine? Try Out Our Healthy Picnic Ideas and Vegetarian Picnic Ideas

Picnics can easily be incorporated into healthy lifestyles. In fact, fresh fruits and vegetables make for great picnic foods that can be eaten with your hands and don’t make much of a mess. Ideas for picnic food include:

  • Fresh fruits including strawberries and raspberries
  • Carrot, apple and celery sticks with delicious dips
  • Crackers and cheeses
  • Prepared salad sets

Best Picnic Food - Posh Picnic Ideas - Strawberries and Fizz

Want To Get The Kids Out Of The House? Try Our Teddy Bear Picnic Ideas

Young children love picnics and will thoroughly enjoy those long summer days making the most of The Great Outdoors. Pick up a giant picnic blanket and their favourite foods like mini snack sets, cheese treats, yoghurt tubes, flapjacks and even those teddy bear crisps.

Make the teddy bear picnic complete with cheap picnic ideas and bring along some orange or blackcurrant squash in a bottle and some melamine mugs.

Teddy Bear Picnic Ideas - Girl and Teddy

After lunch, your little ones will be full of energy ready to run around kicking a football, flying a kite or playing with their friends all afternoon.

Hopefully, we have helped answer “what is national picnic week?” and you have some time to prepare with our hints on the best picnic ideas. Whether you are looking for posh picnic ideas or easy picnic ideas for those last minute occasions, buy a hamper today, so you are ready to soak up the sunshine!

Shop the full collection of these high-quality, cool picnic baskets to find your perfect match today!


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