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Top 6 Cheap Garden Makeover Ideas You Will Wish You Had Known Sooner! From Beautiful Coloured Solar Garden Lights To Oriental Garden Statues – It’s Time To Be Inspired!

Now the clocks have gone forward, it’s only natural to try and spend as much time as possible outside enjoying Mother Nature. So we have put together a list of our favourite cheap garden designs to help you transform your outside space into a relaxing environment to enjoy with your family and friends all summer and beyond.

Below you will find 6 cheap garden makeover ideas to suit every budget and style as well as something for your whole family!

1. Cheap Solar Garden Lights Are a Beautiful Yet Effortless Way to Transform Your Garden and Patio

Bathe your garden in the soft fairy tale-like light given off by these remote-operate LED lights. You have a choice of 8 lighting modes which allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

What’s more, in the pack you get 2 strings, each with 15 waterproof lights that can be used to add a bright decorative touch to balconies, patios, and gardens any time of the year. Better still, you can currently save a fantastic 59% on these enchanting solar lights!

There are so many reasons why you should buy garden solar lights:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Waterproof
  • No wiring or maintenance required
  • So many different designs and colours to choose from
  • Add the WOW factor to your garden!

Furthermore, these solar string lights (which are currently an amazing £9.99!) take things up another level! With their gorgeous floral shape and vibrant colours, they will immediately bring a touch of warmth and joy to your favourite spot in the garden.

Coloured Solar Garden Lights Flowers
Coloured Solar Garden Lights Mosaic

Give your garden the wow factor with these affordable and beautifully coloured glass lanterns. At just £14.50 for 6 (2 of each colour), these unusual lights boast are a total bargain!

Each light boasts a creative mosaic pattern and together they light up garden paths and flower beds. These coloured solar garden lights will switch on automatically at dusk and can stay on through the night without causing any extra electricity expenses.

2. From Just £1.03 Per Mat – These Artificial Grass Mats Are PERFECT for Those Looking for Cheap Garden Designs!

Make your cheap and easy garden ideas become a reality with this artificial hedge, priced at just £2.06 per 25cmx 25cm mat! The mat imitates real foliage and wild fruits, comes with UV protection, and its modular design makes it easy to create a garden display or a hedge screening that is just right for the size of your garden.

Upgrade your garden and get creative with your landscaping ideas with this boxwood mat (£1.03 per 25cm x 25cm mat) consisting of artificial box hedge square panels that can be clipped together to create neat and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Here is a quick roundup of the many reasons why readymade hedges are one of the best options for your garden:

  • High quality plastic hedging
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Realistic looking plastic shrubs
  • Low price tag
  • Can be clipped together
  • Ideal to quickly transform a space
  • Incredible value for money
  • Versatile and suitable for creative decoration
  • Low maintenance
  • UV protected

Artificial Grass Mat Red Fruits
Cheap Hedge Plants

Quality artificial hedge screening is a must-have in all cheap garden designs and outdoor projects. This artificial grass mat has a realistic appearance but none of the drawbacks of real grass. It also comes with UV protection, so the colours won’t fade and you will get to enjoy your very own green corner for many years.

Watch How You Can Create a Fantastic Hedge By Clipping Artificial Grass Mats Together

3. Create a Haven of Peace and Relaxation With Cheap Garden Statues

Turning your garden, patio, or deck into a relaxing sanctuary is easier than you think. Simply adding quality garden ornaments like this standing Buddha face can transform an average-looking garden into the kind of refined outdoor space you can be proud of.

Better still at just £16.99, and with a variety of colours to choose from, this oriental ornament will be kind on your wallet and make a statement in your garden.

Balinese Dewi heads are highly sought-after oriental garden statues which can bring an exotic touch to any garden or patio. This oriental-inspired sculpture garden ornament is a must-have if you are looking to create an inspiring retreat where you can escape the rush of everyday life to reflect and recharge your batteries.

Immerse your garden into the mystery and allure of a remote Pacific Ocean island with this reproduction of the world-famous Easter Island Moai statues. Their large size and solid presence will surely turn these statues into the focal point of attention during garden parties. Better still, this striking design is highly competitive with a price tag of just £117.99!

Oriental Garden Statues - Buddha
Cheap Garden Statues - Easter Island

4. Step into a Magical Fairy World and Grow Your Own Fairy Garden

Let your imagination run wild in your garden and create a custom fairy garden!

This hand-cast garden accessory will open a door into a spellbinding world, quite literally. Place this stone fairy door at the bottom of a tree or in a secluded corner of your garden and you can be sure it will attract quite a few magical creatures!

Fairy doors are an enchanting gateway to the mystical world of fairies, genies, and gnomes. This miniature fairy door is made of durable resin and has some unique Gothic decorative details that will catch the attention not only of mythical fairies, but also of children and curious adults.

This hand-finished tree trunk welcome sign is the ideal complement to your collection of fairy garden doors for trees. This delightful ornament has been made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, so it will point fairies and other magical creatures into your garden come rain or shine.

You are never too old to believe in magic, so embrace this enchanting dollhouse collection. The set consists of 56 waterproof and UV-resistant pieces that include flowers, benches, castles, stone houses, fences, animals, etc. Your children will love it – and you will love helping them build their ideal fairy world too!

Grow Your Own Fairy Garden - Welcome Sign
Grow Your Own Fairy Garden Outdoors - Scene
Cheap Garden Designs - Fairy Set

5. Let the Sound of Running Water Wash All Your Troubles Away With Our Handpicked Selection of Cheap Water Features

Picture yourself enjoying a glass of wine in a quiet corner of your garden while listening to the soothing sounds of running water – doesn’t that sound bliss? Well for a small price you can create a heavenly oasis in your back garden!

This charming stone frog water feature (£79.99) doubles as a garden fountain and will add unique personality to your green corner.

Even the cheapest water features can be used to give your garden a makeover which will capture the imagination of both your family and garden guests.

This stone twin turtle set (£65.55) is a low-maintenance and elegant water feature that will give your garden that special wow factor.

Soothe your senses by adding this oriental-inspired Buddha water feature (£111.50) to your garden. This is the ideal piece to decorate a quiet corner where you can meditate, read, or simply enjoy a peaceful moment in your private garden.

Each of these water features is priced competitively, so spending a little extra on one statement piece is a small price to pay for your very own slice of tranquility!

Buy Water Features Online - Frog
Cheap Water Features - Buddha

6. Fill Your Garden With Colourful Guests and Lively Bird Songs With Cheap Bird Feeders

Be kind to the environment, and it will repay you to no end. Feeding the birds is a cheap and cheerful way to invite beautiful wildlife into your back garden. Choosing one of these eco-friendly, budget-friendly and unusual bird feeders are a great place to start!

Simply hang it, place leftover food in the bowl, and watch your chirpy friends return again and again for a feast.

This bird feeder is compact, easy to fill up and empty, and even easier to keep clean. Hang it near windows, on tree branches, or balconies and it won’t take long until those cheerful birdies discover it!

This wooden nesting box provides a safe haven for small birds and a fun educational experience for the little ones in your family. What’s more, you can currently save a fantastic 10% on both the small and large versions of this gorgeous bird box.

Unusual Bird Feeders - Cat
Gardening Gifts - Bird House

As you can see, enjoying a beautiful garden which reflects your personality doesn’t have to cost the earth. The cheap and easy garden ideas listed above require little maintenance and allow you to get creative with cheap garden designs and garden makeovers.

So whether you are looking for cheap water features, fairy doors, garden statues, or a string of solar lights, you can shop the full collection without breaking the bank!


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