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Ready to Discover How Plastic Hedging Can Transform Your Restaurant, Bar or Business?

Have you noticed the trend in restaurants and bars, of using plants and greenery to create a soothing and distinctive backdrop?

Do you, as a business owner, shudder while thinking about the maintenance it would take to create a green area in your restaurant or bar?

Here’s a little secret, most restaurant owners these days turn to plastic hedging.

If using an artificial box hedge sounds like an insipid solution, you will marvel at how the latest cheap hedge plants are incredibly realistic looking and the perfect solution when you want to create a relaxing atmosphere.

These stylish fake bush plants can be bought for unbelievable prices!

Cheap Hedge Plants

Watch How Simple it is to Build an Artificial Hedge!

Brighten Up Your Décor With Readymade Hedges

One of the best things about these intricate artificial outdoor hedges is how they will easily double up as indoor artificial plants.

You can place some of this plastic hedge grass in any corner of your establishment, and it will help convey a fresh atmosphere without any need for maintenance or insect control.

Just imagine the possibilities which you can achieve by clipping several of these grass mats together! Better still, you can easily transform any bland space into a sophisticated scenery in a matter of minutes.

So for seasons to come not only will you be able to admire your beautifully authentic creation, but you will be marvelling at the price for years too!

For an incredible £1.03 per 25cm x 25cm mat, you will wonder why you hadn’t ventured down the innovative plastic hedging path before.

Artificial Outdoor Hedges

Add a Touch of Colour to Your Dining Area With the Finest Faux Plants for Indoors

There are many artificial grass manufacturers out there, but we believe this high quality product is second to none. Just look at the amount of detail in this plastic shrub mimicking wild fruit! This would work wonders in a restaurant, both indoors and outdoors.

Each 25cm x 25cm mat is just £2.06 and you can choose from multiple colours to find a design suited to your tastes!

This price is a bargain considering that you can clip multiple together to create an impressive plastic box hedge, adding a nice foliage texture to your orangery or seating area.

What’s more, your clients will appreciate the natural look afforded by these plastic mats.

Artificial Grass Mat Red Fruits

These High Quality Products Allow You to Create Garden Hedge Plants in Minutes!

Here’s a perfect design for anyone who wishes to create artificial gardens in their leisure areas.

This boxwood mix mat, which is priced at an amazing £1.96 for a 25cm x 25cm mat, features a diverse selection of plastic plants that convey an organic look.

The visual effect you will achieve with a few of these mats will help liven up any grey old corner with a fresh touch of natural flair.

The presence of these makeshift shrubs creates a unique atmosphere that will make drinks and foods even more enjoyable.

Artificial Box Hedge (mix)

Rely on This Boxwood Mat to Create Authenic Rows of Garden Hedges Plants

Each tiny plastic leaf is given considerably attention to detail, and despite the remarkable low cost of each mat – the finished look is one to be admired.

Once these are clipped together, anyone will be hard pressed to notice they’re looking at artificial boxwood hedges.

Again, this style is priced at £1.03 for each 25cm x 25cm mat.

Dongli and Their Plastic Hedging

Dongli is an artificial grass manufacturer of plastic hedging of the highest quality. They offer a diverse selection of cheap hedge plants and shrubs that will produce the most strikingly realistic hedges, without any need for maintenance.

Here is a roundup of the many reasons why readymade hedges are the best option for your interior and exterior needs:

  • High quality plastic hedging
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Realistic looking plastic shrubs
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Can be clipped together
  • Ideal to quickly transform a space
  • Incredible value for money
  • Versatile and suitable for creative decoration
  • Low maintenance
  • UV protected

Artificial Box Hedge

If you have been looking at plastic hedging as a way to freshen up your garden or restaurant or bar, this is your lucky day!

Shop the full selection of cheap hedge plants to create a highly sophisticated artificial box hedge without making a huge investment or breaking a sweat!

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