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Going Away on Holiday? Here are 10 Travel Size Games, Car Toys for Toddlers and Lots More Ideas to Entertain Your Little Ones on Long Journeys!

The school holidays are fast approaching and you might be starting to think about how you are going to entertain your little ones in the car or on the plane. Some youngsters might be tired, others super hyper when you leave the house at the crack of dawn for your family adventure – either way you will need plenty of children’s travel games and activities to amuse them!

What’s more, Disney recently conducted a survey that showed approximately 80 percent of parents admitted to using iPads as a way of getting an hour’s peace and quiet on long car journeys.

However, your journey is most likely to last much longer than an hour, so luckily this article is jam packed with exciting, tablet-free ideas to keep your kids occupied for hours!

Plus we have picked out some awesome Trunki suitcases to help your children transport their toys, books and even clothes. We know for certain they will feel extra grown up, when helping with the packing!

1. Take the Stress out of Long Journeys with Our Exciting Selection of Car Toys for Toddlers, Including Sound, Sticker and Puppet Books

A story CD with a picture book is a great way of entertaining small children journey after journey. Check out this adorable ‘Daddy’s Little Bear’ story CD book perfect for boys and girls!

Sound books with a series of side buttons to press down the sides are adored by toddlers and pre-schoolers. Choose from this ‘Fairy Tale Sound Book of the Ugly Duckling’ and the super cool ‘Racing Car Ralph’.

What’s more, a good singalong is a fun way to keep all the family in high spirits, especially if you are stuck in a traffic jam in the pouring rain. This amazing ‘Singalong Music Book’ features well-loved nursery rhymes and features an easy-to-use electronic keyboard which will keep kids occupied for hours.

‘Milly Monkey’s Dinner Time’ is a charming puppet book which will certainly become a firm favourite for bedtime, but which could be perfect for a long-haul plane journey!

Long Car Journey Ideas - Singalong Book
Car Toys for Toddlers - Bear Book and CD
All Kids Games - Puppet Monkey Book

2. Cheap Sticker Books Are an Effective Way of Calming down Lively Children on Long Journeys

Keep your little ones busy with this ‘Boys Mini Sticker Activity Set’ which features 6 books and more than 150 stickers!

In fact, there are so many appealing sticker sets and sticker books to choose from, such as the ‘Amazing Mazes’ sticker storybook. Both books have a handy magnetic opening to prevent small pieces from being lost.

Boys Sticker Books
Cheap Sticker Books

3. Avoid Upset Over Missing Pieces with Our Magnetic Travel Toys

Magnetic toys, such as this version of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ are a lifesaver as little pieces won’t fall off the board and get lost forever in the footwell of the car.

There is a huge selection of many other magnetic travel sized games, such as this awesome drawing board, which has many advantages:

  • 4 different colours split into 8 zones across the board
  • Suitable for 2+ year olds
  • No mess and plenty of fun!
  • Easy to transport with a carry handle
  • A great learning aid for shapes, numbers, letters and animals.

For older children, you might prefer this bestselling Tomy Megasketcher, which comes with four stampers and a pen for creative drawings!

All Kids Games - Mega Sketcher

4. These Children’s Travel Games Can Improve Many Skills and Are Brilliant Boredom Busters

We have a great selection of kids maths games for long car journeys that offer a fun alternative to screens. Our cool maths games for kids include ‘Maths Snap Plus’ and ‘Monster Math Numeracy Game’.

Both kids maths games will help kids to improve maths skills whilst having fun. The Dobble kids card game is also brilliant for developing lightning fast reflexes – you can also buy a Finding Dory version!

Cool Maths Games for Kids - Maths Snap
Travel Kids Games - Dobble

5. Traditional Travel Size Games That Will Entertain and Educate

This holiday puzzle pad will challenge bright kids on boring car journeys, as will this cool tear off puzzle pad with over 100 games. Traditional word games such as this bumper word search book are also proven to improve spelling levels.

Games for Long Car Journeys - Usborne Puzzle Book
All Kids Games - Pencil and Paper Games
Travel Word Games - Wordsearch Book

6. Don’t Forget the Where’s Wally Book – it’s a Classic for a Reason!

‘Where’s Wally’ is a fun for all ages – perfect for a weekend away or holiday abroad.

A Where’s Wally book is a must-have and loved by parents all around the world. It is guaranteed to grant you a few moments of peace during dull journeys, all the while improving kids observational skills.

Where's Wally Book

7. Get Creative with These Fantastic Arts and Craft Sets, Girls Sticker Books and Colouring in Pictures for Kids

The ‘Cupcakes and Sweet Treats’ colouring pages for girls, for example, looks good enough to eat.

A convenient travel art set is worth its weight in gold if you have a child that loves to channel their creative side. What’s more, there’s no need to spend a lot, cheap and cheerful sticker books never go out of fashion.

Kids’ stationery sets are always popular and this delightful travel size Daisy Notepad set will be sure to appeal, as will this travel mosaic sticker book for younger children.

There is no need to worry about going over the lines with this travel velvet picture set – the end result will look marvellous and could even make the perfect gift if you are off to visit the grandparents!

If you are off on a really long journey, how about adding to your travel art selection with this foil art too. There is so much fun to be had with arts and crafts on the go!

Travel Art Set - Velvet Pictures

8. Keep Calm and Enjoy the Classic I-Spy Books on a Long Car Journey or Visit to the Airport!

Cheap I-Spy books are worth every penny as they add another dimension to the game, plus there are so many to pick fro, including ‘I Spy on a Car Journey’ and ‘I Spy at the Airport’.

If you are a fan of this timeless collection, you can shop the full range of bestsellers here.

Car Learning Games - I-Spy on the Road
Learning Games Children - I-Spy on a Car Journey

9. Of Course, These Free Car Games for Kids Will Provide Hours of Fun for the Whole Family Too!

Old fashioned games such as ‘I-spy’, ‘I went shopping and bought an apple’ and ‘Noughts and Crosses’ have stood the test of time for a reason, and they are fun for all ages.

10. Finally, Children Will Need an Awesome Bag to Transport Their New Books and Games – Introducing the Fabulous Trunki Suitcases (They Are Also Fantastic Value for Money)!

If you are now wondering about how to pack all kids games, we have a solution – a fantastic cheap Trunki suitcase.

A travel gamechanger, these children’s Trunki suitcases are available in a choice of funky colours and animal prints and have many great plus points:

  • Look cute and stylish
  • Have plenty of internal storage space for all the travel kids games
  • Can be used as a ride-on trolley for kids with tired legs. Perfect for use in the airport departure lounge.
  • They even create special editions Trunkis, including this fantastic Gruffalo design!

Trunki Suitcases
Cheap Trunki Suitcase Packing
Cheap Trunki Suitcase

We hope this range of children’s travel games and car toys for toddlers has given you lots of inspiration for keeping your kids occupied on long journeys. Remember to check out the super cool and useful range of Trunki suitcases to transport your youngsters’ toys and games too!

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