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8 Delicious and Unique Chocolate Gift Ideas for Father’s Day. This Scrumptious Selection Includes a Chocolate Spanner, Chocolate Hammer and Other Special Chocolate Gifts!

Are you looking for a unique Father’s day present? These unusual chocolate gifts made by Schokolat, make splendid gifts. Whether your dad enjoys DIY, fine wine, golf or even just chocolate itself, these Father’s Day chocolate gifts are a work of art which your Dad would be excited to receive!

What’s more, if you are buying on behalf of your children, you can be sure that they will giggle so much when fooling their dad with a lifelike spanner or corkscrew!

There is so much joy to be had in giving gifts and these unconventional cheap chocolate gifts really are a pleasure to give to someone on a special occasion!

Plus, they encapsulate that feel-good feeling that is forever associated with chocolate, and who knows, if you are lucky, you might get a little taste too!

First of All, What Date is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is Sunday 18th June and in the UK it is always the third Sunday in June. It is a day dedicated to family visits to fathers, grandfathers and also fathers-in-law, complete with family chit-chat, celebratory teas with cakes, and the bearing of Father’s Day gifts.

Father's Day Chocolate Spanner - Adjustable

This latter aspect of Father’s Day sometimes presents a problem, on this day it is customary, and almost inevitable, to give the standard ‘men’ presents like ties, key-rings, socks, aftershave, etc. Even though you know these gift items are not very imaginative, you just hope that the thought is appreciated even though the present is unoriginal.

So why not stretch your imagination this year and put a sweet thought into your gift? Chocolate could fit the bill, especially if it is in the shape of a chocolate spanner or another fantastic chocolate shape!

A Great Dad Deserves Good Father’s Day Presents So Treat Yours to a Scrumptious Chocolate Spanner or One of These Bestselling Chocolate Treats

If you are undecided about getting Dad a tool for his weekend engine-tinkering session, then go for this totally unexpected and super-fun delicious chocolate version. All of these bestselling chocolate tools and novelty chocolate shapes are intricately worked in top-grade chocolate and appear surprisingly real!

1.This remarkably realistic adjustable spanner is one of the most popular of Schokolat’s special chocolate gifts. The writing says ‘forged steel’ (even the minor details are realistic) but the texture is far from steel itself and the rich chocolaty taste is delicious.

2. Next up is not only a spanner but also a nut and a bolt – the typical contents of a dad’s tool-box. This realistic classic spanner could almost fool you! Made from fine dark chocolate, this chocolate gift is carefully hand-crafted to faithfully reproduce an everyday spanner.

What’s more, if you look closely, you will notice that it even has the measurements inscribed at each end!

``I bought a range of tools and every single one of them looks like the genuine article - delighted!`` D. Mann

3. Perhaps you would prefer to give your Dad the gift of a chocolate hammer? You could almost try hammering in a nail with it too! The delectable two toned dark chocolate delivers a flavour that really hits the nail on the head!

Chocolate Tools - Chocolate Spanner
Chocolate Hammer

4. The intricate craftsmanship and details such as the ridges on the grip and the adjustment wheel, together with the delectable chocolate taste, have made this authentic looking chocolate wrench one of the most popular items of all time.

5. A different type of tool, but one that could fit sundry occasions, is this lifelike chocolate wing corkscrew, complete with a cork which is being pulled from the bottle. Fashioned from the finest dark chocolate, this chocolate corkscrew, when paired with a bottle of red, is the perfect present for a Father who appreciates the finer things in life.

Shop for your ideal Father’s Day chocolate gift online and view the complete range to find a selection of delectable online chocolate gifts guaranteed to put a smile on your dad’s face!

Chocolate Corkscrew - Wing

More Delicious Father’s Day Chocolate Ideas Including a Chocolate Corkscrew and Golf Iron and Ball!

6. The catchy Schokolat slogan ‘chocolate with a twist’ is summed up in this twisting-pull chocolate corkscrew. An alternative to the above wing corkscrew, and complete with a cork, it is the ideal novelty gift to bring along to a dinner invitation.

7. A hole in one is guaranteed with this great gift for golfers! The tasty contrast of the rich dark chocolate of the golf iron and the creamy white chocolate of the ball is a delight for the palate, complementing the charming novelty of this original ‘golf kit’.

Father's Day Chocolate - Twist Corkscrew
The Best Chocolate Ever for Golf Fans

8. The only time the workman is reluctant to down tools is when chipping (or nibbling) away at this realistic hammer and chisel. This dark chocolate temptation is in different tones of chocolate that realistically represent the wood handle, the iron hammer head and the tempered steel chisel.

More About Schokolat, The Chocolate Novelty Gifts Company

Schokolat is indeed somewhat more than boxes or bars of chocolate. The company ventures much further afield in its unconventional small chocolate gifts.

Based in Britain, this award-winning company uses only top-standard materials (chocolate) and highly skilled chocolatiers. These masters of chocolate painstakingly shape and fashion unique shapes representing tools or hobbies, with faithful precision, while keeping intact the delicious dark or milk chocolate tastes.

From now on, the list of good Father’s Day presents will never be without Father’s Day chocolate!

All the unique chocolate gift ideas make life easier when you need to shop around for good Father’s Day presents, birthday gifts, anniversary treats and more!

Finally, if you are licking your lips just thinking about the chocolate spanner and all of these scrumptious Father’s Day chocolate gift ideas, make sure you browse the whole Schokolat collection which includes:

  • Chess pieces
  • Keys
  • A pocket watch
  • A tea pot
  • Horseshoes and so much more!

Shop the whole collection of novelty chocolate shapes to find the perfect present for the special man in your life!

Chocolate Chess Pieces - Knight Product

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