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Top 19 Things to Remember When Packing for Festivals in the UK, Including Funky Festival Clothes Women and Men Will Love, Awesome Novelty Tents, Neon Paint and More!

The skies are brighter, the days are longer, the temperatures are warmer. That can only mean a thing – festival season is upon us!

Festival Kit List

Read on to discover this year’s must-haves, including festival clothes women will fall in love with, festival essentials girls can’t do without, and everything you need to put together the ultimate festival kit list.

First of All, What is a Festival and What is a Music Festival?

Festivals are a time for celebration! They are wonderful events where you can indulge in the enjoyment of your favourite things, whether that is food, drinks, comedy, art or music.

The good news is, there are so many types of festivals in the UK, that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes choosing where you should get away from it all and let your hair down each summer.

So what is a music festival? Well, whatever your taste in music, there are so many types of festivals for different genres. From dance to country, pop, rock and house, there really is something for every music fan.

Different acts will be booked to perform and many festivals will have multiple stages where you can hear your favourite tracks from your most-loved artists and also discover new music. It is the perfect opportunity to socialise with like-minded people and enjoy the atmosphere.

Top Music Festivals in the UK – Best Festivals In England For 2017

If you are hoping to head to a festival for the first time, take your pick from some of the most popular music festivals in the UK:

What is a Music Festival - Girls Music Gig

  • Isle of Wight Festival, 8 to 11 June 2017 (rock and pop music)
  • Download Festival, 9 to 11 June 2017 (rock music)
  • Glastonbury, 21 to 25 June 2017 (world famous festival featuring huge artists from multiple genres of music, plus dance, comedy, circus and theatre acts)
  • Latitude, 13 to 16 July 2017 (music, theatre, dance, film, cabaret and literature)
  • Boardmasters, 9 to 13 August 2017  (sea, surf and music!)
  • Green Man Festival, 17 to 20 August 2017 (a mixture of indie, folk and rock music, arts and more!)
  • V Festival, 19 to 20 August 2017 (pop music, comedy, theatre and family events)
  • Creamfields, 24 to 27 August 2017 (dance music)
  • Reading Festival, 25 to 27 August 2017 (rock music)

So What Is on the Ultimate Festival Kit List?

We cover everything from festival clothes women will adore, festival essentials girls must have, and a fantastic selection of pop tents and cooking equipment. Ready? Here’s our festival camping list:

1. Practical and Novelty Festival Tents

If you are looking for a practical festival tent for sale, you have come to the right place!

Spend less time setting up your camp and more time partying with a quick erect pop tent in blue. This design is simple design is waterproof and will keep you warm and dry during those pesky summer downpours that are so common at music festivals in Scotland and England!

Stand out from the crowd with the same style in bright and cheerful orange or green.

The lightweight pop tents for 2 people, can be pitched in no time and feature roll-up curtains and large windows to let the daylight in.

Best Pop Up Tent - Blue
Best Tents Camping - Cheap Pop Up Orange
Cheap Pop Up Tent - Green

Be the coolest kid on the block with these novelty tents and enjoy their discounted prices! It’s not a tent, it’s not a campervan – it’s both at the same time! This original idea will make you the envy of every reveller.

This unique festival tent comes with two spacious rooms and enough room to stand up, entertain friends, and even dance the night away.

Choose a VW campervan tent in either red, blue or orange and enjoy an amazing £50 off!

``Just used this at Camp Bestival and everyone stopped and stared in amazement! Great buy and loads of room for me, my Mrs and son!`` Jason
Festival Tents for Sale - VW Campervan Orange

2. A Sleeping Bag

This seriously cosy 3-season sleeping bag is an essential piece of festival equipment that comes with a drawstring storage bag, making it easy to carry around.

3. Festival Camping Chairs

Relax, sit back, and catch some rays while you enjoy your favourite beer or cider at your favourite festival. This lightweight folding chair is incredibly comfortable, and even comes with a drink holder. Simply pick your perfect colour from the great range and take a seat while soaking up the atmosphere.

Festival Kit List - Hush Sleeping Bag
Festival Checklist - Camping Chair Multiple Colours

4. A Portable Camping Stove

Pasta salad, grilled veggies, chicken wraps, who said festival food is boring? This portable windproof stove is an amazing price and all you need to prepare your favourite festival dishes.

5. A Portable Phone Charger

No sockets? No problem! This portable phone charger will fit in your pocket and keep your mobile fully powered through every festival.

This practical mobile charger is easy to use as it is a plug and go device, meaning you can stay in contact with your friends and capture those special moments on your phone camera.

Festival Camping Checklist - Gas Camping Stove
Portable Phone Charger - Festival Checklist

6. Unique and Funky Festival Clothes

Channel Your Inner Fashion Goddess with These Ladies Festival Clothes

Wrap up and look gorgeous in this floral kimono – the perfect complement to your boho style and an absolute bargain at just £7.99!

Cheap Festival Clothes - Kimono

Comfy, flattering, and free-flowing, this tie dye midi dress is one of those festival dresses women just can’t do without. Select the design which suits you from this stunning collection and embrace the festival vibes in your striking new dress!

Cheap Hippie Clothing - Tie Dyed Midi Dress

When Packing, Guys Need to Remember All These Festival Essentials for Men Too!

Stay cool and stylish with a breathable casual summer top for men who know their whisky!

Alternatively, if Banksy is your thing, you will love this fashionable tank top – a timeless choice of festival clothes men will wear again and again. Better still, there is a range of colours to pick from!

Embrace Bright Colours with These Funky Unisex Festival Clothes Ideas

These unisex t-shirts are a festival classic that suits men and women. With a choice of many colours and patterns, you can pick a couple to add to your wardrobe of cheap hippie clothing.

Funky Festival Clothes - Unisex Tie Dye T-Shirts
Cheap Hippie Clothing - Womens Tie Dye
``A wild T- Shirt that had my mates all wanting one!`` Mr S Wood

7. Wellies – This Is the UK After All!

Add a splash of colour to your festival outfit with these eye-catching wellies. Each pair is comfy, stylish, and as bright as a festival summer day. Take your pick from more than 15 designs with prices starting from just £14!

Wellies - Festival Essentials for Girls - Ice Lollies
Festival Essentials for Girls - Festival Wellies
Wellies - Festival Essentials for Girls - Pugs

For men, Dunlop have a bargain range of wellies (sizes 6-13) which will do just the job if rain is predicted for your weekend away!

8. A Waterproof Festival Poncho

Stay dry and get your hands on this pack of 9 festival waterproofs, ideal to share with friends or to tide you over through the whole festival season. With the unpredictable British weather, this is a must-have on every festival camping checklist!

Waterproof Festival Poncho Pack

Look the Part with Our Chic Range of Festival Accessories – Glamorous Additions to Any Wardrobe of Ladies Festival Clothes

9. Festival Jewellery and Accessories

An essential in every festival checklist for girls, is a fashionable choker necklace. Take your pick from this range of more than 30 styles.

Keep this pack of 9 handmade friendship bracelets with you, or channel your inner festival goddess and wear them all at once, either way, they are the ideal gift for new festival friends!

Festival Essentials Girls Will Love - Choker
Festival Essentials Girls Will Love - Bracelets

10. Floral Headbands

Think festival attire, think floral hair accessories! This colourful and washable hair garland is a funky addition to your wardrobe of funky festival clothes and will make you feel like the queen of Glastonbury!

If you are looking for a floral hair accessory to match your outfits, this pretty headband comes in pink, purple, red and yellow, and is the ideal accessory for free-spirited souls. Plus the price tag of 45p is a dream come true if you are heading to a festival on a budget.

Festival Essentials Girls - Flower Hair Band
Festival Clothes Ideas and Accessories - Floral Headband

11. Neon Face and Body Paint

If you are off to rave at Creamfields or into the dance tent, this set of quick-dry and easy-wash neon paints has to be at the top of your shopping list. With 7 colours to choose from you can make the most of getting creative with your glow in the dark face and body art!

Funky Festival Clothes and Accessories - Neon Paint

12. A Bag to Keep Your Valuables Safe on the Go

Of course, you need to remember security essentials when planning your festival camping checklist, especially when opportunists may be in the crowd too. Take an adjustable and roomy bum bag to help you keep your cash and valuables safe while you dance away.

What’s more, this cute cross-body bag comes in dozens of gorgeous styles and features 3 pockets so you can carry all your essentials with you.

Festival Kit List - Bum Belt Bag
Festival Kit List - Over Shoulder Bag

Look Your Best with Our Pick of the Best Beauty and Hygiene Essentials for Any Festival Kit List

13. Dry Shampoo

Freshen up and pamper your tresses with this travel can of Batiste dry shampoo.

Festival Checklist for Girls - Dry Shampoo

14. A Mirror

A travel mirror is the perfect essential for touching up your make-up or applying luminous rave paint!

This folding design comes in lots of different colours for you to choose from. What’s more, this mirror can be hung from a tree, or stood on a flat surface and features a built in light!

For those of you who like multi-tasking, this practical pocket mirror and hairbrush combo is a must-have – what’s more we know you will love the price tag of just £1.98 too!

Festival Camping Checklist - Travel Mirror
Festival Camping Checklist - Light Up Mirror
Festival Essentials Girls - 2 in 1 Mirror and Hair Brush

15. Make-Up and Body Wipes

Johnson’s make-up wipes are a fantastic 2-in-1 deal that removes makeup (including waterproof mascara) and neon paint while keeping your skin smooth and hydrated.

Whatever the weather, you will love these body wipes! This pack of two can handle falls in the mud, paint and sweat, allowing you to freshen up in a heartbeat so you can keep enjoying yourself.

Festival Checklist for Girls - Makeup Wipes
Festival Essentials for Men and Women - Big Body Wipes

16. Hand Gel

This pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitiser and will keep your hands soft and germ-free all weekend.

17. Travel Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Toothbrush and toothpaste are high on the list of hygiene essentials! This convenient set of 2 travel toothbrushes and 10 mini toothpaste tubes come in refreshing minty flavour and are great value for money.

Moreover, this pack of waterless toothbrushes is such a smart idea! Enjoy fresh breath with this disposable toothbrush that comes with a built-in single dose of toothpaste and requires no water.

Festival Equipment Checklist - Hand Sanitiser
Festival Camping Checklist - Toothbrush and Mini Toothpaste

18. Sun Protection

If the weather predictions are looking good for your festival, remember sun cream. This bottle of Nivea water-resistant 30SPF sunscreen spray will protect you while you party in the sunshine!

Pucker up and enjoy smooth lips with this nourishing SPF 20 lip balm by Neutrogena, which will keep your lips moisturised and protected from harmful UV rays.

Festival Kit List - SPF 30 Suncream
Festival Kit List - SPF 20 Lip Balm

19. A Torch

Don’t waste precious phone battery using your torch when you could take one with you! Even better, this wind-up torch doesn’t require any batteries and has two brightness settings. At just £6.34 this is a great buy, especially as it will come in handy in the future too!

Festival Equipment List - Wind-Up Torch Outside
Festival Checklist - Wind-Up Torch

So now that we have answered ‘what is a music festival?’ and you have decided which one you would like to go to, it’s time to start shopping for your tents, cooking equipment, accessories and those all-important funky festival clothes women and men adore!

Make sure you grab a bargain from the list of festival essentials girls and boys will love, to make sure you are kitted out for the festival season this year and for summers to come!

Finally, if you enjoyed this festival kit list and simply love venturing into The Great Outdoors, you might also like our blog post on National Picnic Week!

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