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Create Amazing Family Memories this Summer With These 21 Fun Outdoor Games Ideas for the Garden! This Bumper List is Jam Packed With Large Garden Games and Ideas for ALL Ages!

Summer is here and it’s time to make the most of the freshly mown grass with fun garden games. Whether the sun is blazing or there is a refreshing breeze, we have put together a bumper list of fun garden games which will be loved by your children and the big kids too!

Whether you are looking to entertain family and friends from aged 1 to 101, our large garden games and classic wooden garden games will help your family create fond memories and summer-time traditions!

Make a Splash With These Amazing Cheap Paddling Pools For Toddlers and All The Family!

1. Dinosaur Water Play Park

This amazing water fun set will make your kids roar with delight! Make unforgettable family memories playing on this large but inexpensive water activity centre. This inflatable set guarantees hours and hours of fun and features:

  • A spray which attaches to a garden hose
  • 2 dino-related games
  • A water slide with a landing mat for extra padding
  • A drain plug in the pool floor.

Toddler Paddling Pool - Dinosaurs

2. Deluxe Family Pool

This impressive paddling pool will make your back garden the place to be this summer! It’s inflatable in three layers and large enough to accommodate several children. Perfect for your toddler’s summer birthday party.

3. Water Guns

When it comes to outdoor games ideas, you can’t go wrong with these long range water guns. This set of water pistols is fantastic fun for kids over the age of three years.

These inexpensive and easy-to-use, water guns will have the whole family in giggles!

Summer Garden Games - Water Guns Orange and Yellow

4. 2 in 1 Air Water Bomb Balloon Pump

This handy balloon pump is a must for parties and occasions all year round. Say goodbye to blowing up hundreds of balloons yourself!

Either use the pump to fill balloons with air, or top it up with water to make water balloons for plenty of summertime fun!

Summer Garden Games - Water Balloons and Pump

5. Water Blasters

If you are looking for outdoor game ideas for your summer BBQ party, these water pistols will certainly hit the spot with kids and adults alike!

You can have the best water fights in the world, and these foam water blasters are great value for money.

Get Active and Improve Your Skills With Our Inspirational Selection Of Wooden Garden Games

6. Wooden Outdoor Croquet Set

For up to four people, this charming croquet set is definitely one of the most quintessentially English fun garden games.

If you are looking to invite more players for a game of croquet, choose this six person set – the more the merrier!

Take things one step further and enjoy a round of croquet with a delicious cream tea too!

Wooden Garden Games - Croquet Set 6

7. Bex Sport Kubb Original

If you are looking for family outdoor games with a difference, you will love the Original Kubb game, which is very popular in Sweden.

Made from sustainably sourced birch, this ‘Viking Chess’ game is great for families as everyone has a chance to win.

8. Bex Number Kubb Original Game

You will also adore the Bex Number Kubb game, another Scandinavian game of skill and strategy, which is highly addictive.

Adult outdoor games, such as these, were simply made for playing on lazy Sunday afternoons, with a jug of Pimms and all your family and friends.

9. Giant Roll A Ball

We offer large garden games inspired by historical summer fayres. The ‘Giant Roll a Ball’ will certainly be a talking point at any family gathering. A high-quality and great value game inspired by the Olde English game of ‘Hoop Ball’ – even tiny tots will be able to have a turn!

Wooden Garden Games - Number Kubb

10. Viga Wooden Ring Toss

Summer garden games are all about getting outside and making the most of the fine weather. This wooden hoop throwing game will keep little ones entertained for hours – it’s great for playdates and a brilliant bargain at just £9.99!

Wooden Garden Games - Ring Toss

A Touch Of Fun For All The Family – You Will Love Our Take On Classic Summer Outdoor Ball Games

11. Classic Swingball

Take this retro swingball game to the beach for solo or group play or enjoy it on a warm summer’s evening in the garden. It’s excellent quality and, like many of our family outdoor games, can be played by all ages – including grandparents!

12. Rounders Set

Rounders is such a fun team game and great exercise too. This deluxe set is excellent value and will be a family favourite year after year.

Take it to the park or the beach – it’s a great game which encourages everyone to get involved and it’s a fantastic way to make friends on holiday too!

13. Soft Tennis Set

If Wimbledon inspires you to pick up a racket, this soft tennis set is an awesome way to get the whole family involved in the garden!

This great value set is a good way of encouraging active play and developing hand-to-eye coordination without spending a lot of money.

14. Catch Ball Set

Embrace this classic catch game for two players, cheap outdoor games are so much fun! This set features clever Velcro pads so that even little ones, who are mastering their coordination, or even the most butterfingered players can join in!

15. Deluxe Bocci Set

Conjure up memories of a family holiday in France with this high-quality Bocci game. Perfect for taking to the park, on a camping holiday or for a picnic at the beach, this is one of those fun garden games which will forever be a family favourite. The set comes in a convenient zip bag for easy storage too.

16. Nerf Vortex

It howls as it flies! With its unique aerodynamic design, this Nerf Vortex football is ideal for keeping in the car and using on family days out to the beach or park.

Swingball Game

Our Classic Garden Games, Including a Large Jenga Game, are Fantastic Fun For All The Family!

17. Traditional Garden Games Compendium

This cute and colourful compendium contains an exciting choice of classic summer garden games. Made from weatherproof foam, the whole family with love playing the outdoor games which include:

  • A spray which attaches to a garden hose
  • 2 dino-related games
  • A water slide with a landing mat for extra padding
  • A drain plug in the pool floor.

18. Giant Snakes and Ladders

Large outdoor games add an extra dimension of fun. With an extra-large mat and a huge inflatable dice, your kids will be occupied all afternoon as they stand tall as the counters in this snakes and ladders game.

19. Mega High Tower in a Bag

If you love big garden games, this set of giant blocks is for you! Keep a steady hand and build a Jenga-style tower of up to 2.3 m!

Little Ones Love Having Fun Playing in the Garden, So These Summer Garden Games are Just the Ticket to Hours of Laughter!

20. Mohoo Kids’ Play House

Your little ones can have their very own soft play experience in your garden with this colourful playhouse! Fill with balls or use as a den – the possibilities are endless, plus the playhouse easily folds away for easy storage and transportation!

Games for the Garden - Playhouse

21. Child’s Junior Golf Caddy Set

Everything a budding golfer needs, this handy caddy set offers hours of fun and can be neatly packed away. Brightly coloured and well made, it is undeniably great value at just £6.20.

22. Mini Baseball Set for Toddlers

Lightweight and easy for small hands to handle, you will love this mini baseball set. Best of all, the foam bat and ball is safe for your little ones to enjoy!

You can order any of these large garden games online today and start looking forward to a summer filled with magical memories.

Our selection of wooden garden games are fantastic value so don’t hesitate to browse our fun garden games today!

Outdoor Game Ideas - Foam Baseball

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