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Your Ultimate Guide to Throwing an Awesome Summertime BBQ Party, Including Cheap BBQ Ideas and a BBQ Essentials List

Barbecue season is almost here! Let us help you learn how to do a BBQ and host the most talked about summertime party of the year!

Barbeques UK-

Choose your ideal BBQ equipment and accessories with this exciting collection of the very best summer BBQ goodies. This BBQ essentials list has everything you need to throw the hottest BBQ party of the summer, from the best buy barbecues to cheap BBQ ideas.

How to do a BBQ

When considering how to do a BBQ, think about what kind of grill is right for you:

  • Gas is clean and smoke-free, and a good option if you are never sure how to light a barbecue.
  • Charcoal has its plus points too. There is the delicious smoky flavour of food cooked over glowing coals, plus the fact that charcoal is easy to pick up almost anywhere.

If you’re only planning on the occasional BBQ, charcoal is possibly the more practical fuel for cheap BBQ ideas.

Next is the size; if you have plenty of space and plan on hosting large gatherings, a full-size grill is a must.

If space is at a premium or you want to use your grill on caravanning and camping trips, you will need a compact portable model.

Take Control and Learn How to Use a Barbecue (Gas)

This compact gas barbecue is a small gas barbecue with big barbecue features! Its compact size makes it perfect for out on the patio or out on a camping trip.

The innovative Char-Broil TRU-Infrared technology which allows for juicier food and faster cooking times, makes this model stand out from the rest. With an amazing price of just £149.99, this BBQ is a fantastic summer bargain!

Barbecues Sale - Char Broil Portable

Watch How The Infrared Technology is Used to Cook Food to Perfection

One of the best gas barbecues out there is this burner style BBQ, which has a patent flame tamer to ensure even cooking every time you want a juicy burger or hot dog!

Turn up the heat and enjoy barbecuing with this bestselling model. The practical design and reduced footprint will make your chief BBQ duties a breeze when it comes to your summer parties!

Pick The Best Charcoal BBQ Suited to You and Enjoy The Smoky Flavour

If you like to make the most of the sunshine then this solid and mobile family barbecue is perfect for those impromptu gatherings and so very kind to your wallet at just £27.99!

Best Buy Barbecues - Outsunny Charcoal Grill

Take the BBQ Party With You On Your Next Adventure, With the Best Portable BBQ for Your Grilling Needs

Cheap BBQs are a great option for holiday catering, and portable BBQ Gas grills give you reliable cooking power on the go. A cheap gas BBQ is easy to transport and convenient to use.

Grill on the go with this compact and practical small gas barbecue. It’s important that you choose the best portable barbecue for your cooking and outdoor adventure needs, so consider this option too – it is really easy to assemble and gives a great flavour.

Keep Your Guests Safe With these Top Tips on How to Light a Barbecue

  • Safety first! Only barbecue in the open air, and keep kids away from hot grills.
  • Always bring extra charcoal or gas.
  • Pack an extra lighter.
  • Find out if your guests have any food allergies or other restrictions.
  • Ask your local butcher or grocer for cheap BBQ ideas when shopping for supplies.
  • Have a Plan B in case the weather doesn’t co-operate!

Best Portable BBQ UK

Lick Your Lips and Take Inspiration From These Brilliant Barbecue Food Ideas

The best easy BBQ ideas start with good food. As well as the traditional steaks, sausages and burgers, the barbecue is perfect for healthy chicken and seafood. Want some cheap BBQ ideas? Grill juicy tuna steaks or whip up a batch of chilli-lime chicken breasts.

Vegetarian BBQ ideas like cooking chunks of salty haloumi cheese on skewers are a sure-fire hit. BBQ salad ideas can include warm grilled vegetables along with crisp salad greens; delicious roasted sweet peppers, onions and tomatoes are an addition that everyone can enjoy.

Thinking about what to cook on BBQ for dessert? How about luscious grilled peaches served warm with ice-cream or grilled bananas topped with chocolate sauce?

Another fun BBQ idea is a candy-floss machine so your guests can make candy floss. Keep the kids entertained with the best candy floss maker around with this awesome retro design.

What to Cook on BBQ - Barbecue Food Ideas
Best Candy Floss Maker

Remember a Selection of Delectable BBQ Drinks for The Best Barbeques

As well as great food, another way to ensure your guests have great time is to supply a refreshing range of fruity cocktails!

You could even shake them up with this amazing 3 in 1 cocktail, smoothie and milkshake maker gadget!

Make delicious cocktails and BBQ drinks for the adults and ice cold chocolate and strawberry milkshakes, which are sure to go down a treat with the little ones!

This drinks dispenser is a real time-saver and will look fabulous on show.

Of course, for all the Pimms lovers out there, this classic glass jug is a must-have for all your BBQ drinks.

Better still, go all out and impress your family and friends with one of these crowd-pleasing cocktail recipes from The Curious Bartender Cocktail Book

Easy BBQ Ideas - Cocktail Book
BBQ Ideas Party - Cocktail Book

Dress It Up With Charcoal Gas Barbecue Accessories Including Handy Tools and Snazzy Aprons

The perfect BBQ requires preparation and organisation, so make sure you have a tool set to help you cook super tasty and succulent food to ensure all the compliments go to the chef!

This handy 2-in-1 tool kit and apron would make cooking food a walk in the park. What’s more, this apron would even make a great Father’s Day gift for a BBQ-loving dad too!

Other great charcoal and gas barbecue accessories include:

Gas Barbecue Accessories - Sword

Know How to Do a BBQ Party In Style and Host Some Classic Outdoor Garden Games Too!

It is just not summer without some games in the sunshine. This collection of time-honoured favourites is guaranteed to get your guests giggling as they roll the giant dice and move the counters.

Of course a swingball game means bat-and-ball fun for all the family too!

Croquet is a classic lawn game and provides hours of fun for all ages, order this quality wooden set online today and get ready for an afternoon of friendly competition!

Wooden Garden Games - Croquet Set 6

Take Note of These Dazzling Decoration Ideas to Help You Dress Your Garden Ready for One of the Best Barbeques of the Summer

To Round Up, Here is Your BBQ Essentials List

  • Grill
  • Gas canisters or charcoal briquettes
  • Firelighters for charcoal and a barbecue lighter
  • Tongs and Spatula
  • Heatproof gloves and an apron
  • Paper/plastic plates, cutlery and drinkware
  • Delicious food and refreshing cocktails
  • Entertainment including, outdoor games and background music
  • Wire brush (for cleaning)

Coloured Solar Garden Lights
BBQ Drinks Dispenser

Finally, Protect Your New Outdoor Grill with Large BBQ Covers

When the heavens open, this practical BBQ cover will keep rain, leaves and other debris off your outdoor grill.

What’s more, this universal cover has a draw-strong feature for a snugger fit.

For a classic summer gathering on a budget, you can’t beat a barbecue. Cheap BBQs are a great way to entertain large or small groups in style. So now you know how to do a BBQ and have plenty of cheap BBQ ideas, you can get planning to host the party of the season!

Order a barbecue today and everything on your BBQ essentials list and get ready for a summer of outdoor cooking fun!

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