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Brighten Up Your Camping Experience With a Gorgeous Camping Dining Set, Including Melamine Picnic Plates, Mugs and More!

As the mornings and evenings become lighter for longer and the colour returns to the parks and gardens, we start to think about spending more time outdoors and enjoying picnics.

Olpro’s melamine outdoor dining tableware not only has a range of stylish patterns and colours to suit all tastes, but is perfect for camping and picnicking due to its durable qualities

So put the worries of breakages behind you as you enjoy use of a beautiful camping dining set time and again during the summer months.

Melamine Picnic Sets - Patterned Mix

Bringing picnic food with you gives you the freedom to roam far from the sandwich chains and burger vans and allows you to enjoy your favourite treats, wherever you please.

What’s more, when you order a melamine picnic set you can take advantage of free delivery on your order!

Take the Quintessential British Garden Wherever You Go with the Attractive Bewdley Melamine Picnic Set

With a quaint design of typical garden features and sights, such as gnomes, birdhouses and butterflies, the Bewdley design is the perfect accessory for an indulgent cream tea by the cricket pavilion or wafer-thin cucumber sandwiches on a lazy lakeside evening.

In fact, your imagination is the only limit to how and where you can make the best use of these cool green patterned picnic tableware sets.

The full range includes:

  • 16-piece set, consisting of 4 large plates, 4 side plates, 4 bowls, 4 mugs
  • 8-piece set, consisting of 2 large plates, 2 side plates, 2 bowls, 2 mugs
  • 4-mug set
  • 4-plate set
  • Single mugs

With the opportunity to select different sets, you can tailor your own set to match your family’s requirements or add extras if you want to invite more friends to share the experience.

Caravan Tableware Mugs - Singular

Bring Elegance and Colour to Your Al Fresco Dining With These Charming Eat Out Melamine Crockery Sets

Perfect for nature lovers, these picnic tableware plates, mugs and bowls feature delightful pigeon, fox, badger and rabbit characters that will appeal to the young and the young-at-heart.

These strong, dishwasher-safe melamine picnic sets are an essential accessory for your ramble into the pinewoods, as they regularly provide a luxury dining experience in Mother Nature’s ever-changing restaurant.

The vintage etched appearance of the animal designs is brought right up to the minute by a bold overlay of ‘EAT OUT’ in four bright colours: red, yellow, blue and green. This popular style is available in the 8-piece and 16-piece sets, as well as the 4-mug set.

Melamine Crockery Sets - Eat Out Design
Picnic Tableware Sets - Eat Out Design

Set the Scene for Your Camping Adventure With a Colourful Camping Dining Set

Each item of the Berrow Hill melamine dinner service is adorned with colourful caravans, tents, trees and more paraphernalia of the outdoor life in a gorgeous, modern, printed pattern.

Durable and easily cleaned tableware is an essential for any camping trip; whether you are playing it safe with a stack of tinned foods and some sugary snacks for those snug nights under canvas, or hunting or foraging for your meals, this range will fit the bill.

With the whisper of the breeze and the chattering of the birds for company, your tea will taste every bit as good as if you were sipping it from fine china.

The Berrow Hill collection of melamine crockery sets is available in a variety of options, so you will never go short of a camping plate set or a spare mug.

Furthermore, if the open road calls to you once the warm weather and buzzing bumblebees arrive, you can rest assured these Witley melamine picnic sets work just as well as caravan crockery as they would as part of your picnic on the beach or in your local park.

Camping Plate Set

Sparsely patterned with red, black and grey icons, the plates, bowls and mugs provide that perfect combination of attractiveness, sturdiness and good value that you need when you are enjoying an active, outdoor break.

Melamine Picnic Ware - Witley

Give Your Picnics a Classic Air With Olpro’s Signature Caravan Tableware

A far cry from what you might expect from melamine picnic plates, bowls and cups, the Signature collection is reminiscent of the sort of porcelain crockery you would see in a high-class hotel.

With a single line running close to the rim of each item and a discreet stamp, it adds a touch of sophistication to a romantic evening picnic or a beach celebration with a few friends and your favourite transportable food.

Delighted! Looks very classy and cheaper than ebay. (Rob Smythe)

Olpro is a British company which has been trading since 2011. The company’s camping range includes a wide range of high quality equipment for The Great Outdoords, including:

  • Tents
  • Camper van awnings
  • Windbreaks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Outdoor tableware including these lovely melamine picnic sets

Melamine Dinner Service - Olpro Signature Collection

By choosing one of these delightful melamine crockery sets, not only are you gaining pieces that have style and practicality, but you can also take advantage of great prices and free delivery on all orders!

What’s more the melamine picnic sets are so versatile that you will find yourself reaching for them each time you plan a camping holiday, host a bouncy castle party, head to the beach or just relax with a picnic in the park.

Shop online now for your very own fun and functional camping dining set to make every spring and summer an opportunity for unforgettable under-canvas or open-air feasts.

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