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Top 9 Must-Have Cheap Bike Accessories, Including Kids Bicycle Accessories – Perfect for Summertime Family Cycle Rides and Holidays

Get set for an active summer and embrace The Great Outdoors while out on your bike! Cycling is great for your fitness, and when you have the latest must-have push bike accessories, it is the perfect way to spend some quality family time together too!

Family Cycle Rides

Whether you are planning a cycling holiday for your next family adventure or teaching your kids to ride their first bikes on the park, there is no need to hurt your wallet with our selection of cheap bike accessories.

Kit the whole family out with stylish and affordable helmets to keep everyone safe and secure while enjoying the open air.

Young cyclists will love our collection of kids bicycle accessories, including novelty childrens bike baskets, while adults will be delighted with our wide range of affordable and trendy cycling accessories online.

1. Make Cycling Safer and Even More Fun for the Kids with the Must-Have Mini Hornit Bike Horn, One of the Most Popular Childs’ Bike Accessories

A huge hit on Dragon’s Den and with rave reviews in the Guardian, the Evening Standard and the New York Times, your kids are sure to absolutely love the Mini Hornit with its incredible 25 different horn and bell sounds and lights.

They will have endless fun warning everyone they’re coming with the range of noises and bright lights that this must-have accessory provides.

Whether cycling home from school as it’s getting dark or riding around the country park, the horn and bell sounds will alert people to keep out of the way while young cyclists are guaranteed to find the range of noises, which includes animal sounds, totally hilarious.

Better still, the Hornit horn comes with a remote trigger for extra safety, so there is no need for your little ones to take their hands off the handle bars when they want to beep the horn!

  • The award-winning Mini Hornit bike horn in vibrant blue and orange has a summery look that will appeal to both boys and girls
  • Whereas, the pink and purple hornit is perfect for your cycling princess
  • If your child is growing fast and likely to be changing bikes soon, choose the hornit in black to add a little street cred to any colour of cycle.

Hornit Bike Horn - Blue and Orange
``My 3 year old son loves his Mini Hornit which has caused much amusement to him and passers by in our local park.`` David Cook
Hornit - Childs Bike Accessories
Hornit Bike Horn - Kids Bicycle Accessories
Hornit Bike Horn - Bicycle Accessories UK

2. Teach Your Children How to Ride Safely with Our Range of Bicycle Bells – Essential Bike Accessories

Our Range of Disney Novelty Children’s Cycle Bells Will Charm All Young Cyclists:

Any young boy or girl who is proud of their cycle will enjoy the I Heart My Bike traditional bell in a gleaming metallic finish. There are plenty of colours to choose from including blue, yellow, purple, red and silver.

We haven’t forgotten the adults! You can join in the fun too and safely with our best bike bell, a traditional silver-toned beauty that easily attaches to any handlebars.

Girls Bike Bell - Minnie Mouse
Best Bike Bell - Lots of Colours
Best Bike Bell - Lots of Colours Metallic

3. Keep Everyone Safe While Enjoying the Sunshine with the Most Essential Bike Accessories – Cool Cycling Helmets for the Whole Family

Helmets are a necessity and no little rider or indeed adult should be out on their bicycle without wearing proper head protection. Luckily, we have a great range of stylish designs to suit all ages of keen cyclists.

Perfect for cycling in poor weather or dim light, this Pedal Pro helmet boasts an LED light for extra visibility – a must-have for those venturing on a long bike ride and returning after sunset.

Keep your little riders safe in the great outdoors with this super cool Bumper Kids’ Jungle Helmet decorated with all your kid’s favourite animals.

One of the perfect kids bike accessories fit for a little princess, is this Raleigh Mystery helmet in pink features a gorgeous daisy pattern that will delight trendy young cyclists.

Make cycle rides ‘wheelie’ good fun and let your little ones impress their friends with a roar-some Dinosaur Children’s helmet.

Cycling Accessories Online - Ladies and Mens Helmets
Girls Bike Accessories - Flower Helmet Pink
Boys Bike Accessories - Dinosaur Helmet

4. Be Seen and Be Safe with Our Collection of Affordable Bike Lights

Don’t be caught out when cycling as darkness falls: this rechargeable LED light set will make sure you can see and be seen by others.

You can also boost your visibility with this water resistant clip on lights pack which is easy to attach to handlebars, helmets or bags.

Essential Cycling Accessories - LED Lights
Cycling Gear Women - Lights LED

5. Keep Comfortable and Stylish with Functional and Cushioning Saddle Covers – Must-Have Push Bike Accessories for Long Rides!

Whether you are getting about on a cycle on an adrenaline fuelled holiday or doing a long-distance country bike ride with older children, a waterproof bike seat cover is a must! It contains gel to provide extra cushioning and comfort on long journeys and ultimately helps to prevent numb bums!

For those who feel every bump in the road, this sports gel saddle cover provides a generous extra layer of padding so you can really enjoy outdoor time with the family.

Kids need to be comfortable when riding too: an Extreme Comfort padded saddle protector is a kids bike seat cover that adjusts to fit most child’s saddles and will keep little ones happy and riding for longer.

Bike Seat Rain Cover - Patterns
Cycling Accessories Sale - Seat Cover
Cycling Gear Women - Seat

6. When Out and About on Your Adventures, Keep Your Bikes Secure with Cheap Bike Locks

When locking your bikes up, make sure you have one of the best cycle locks to keep your bikes secure! This trusty design comes in a rainbow of bright colours and features a 5-digit combination lock for extra security.

Protect your valuable bike from thieves and opportunists with this Enkeeo Bike U lock, one of the best cycle locks on the market. In hardened steel, this lock is simple to use.

Bike Locks for Sale - Lots of Colours - Combination
Cheap Bike Locks - Key - Cycling Accessories UK

7. For Picnics, Swimming Gear or School Bags, Women’s or Children’s Bike Baskets Are Some of the Most Useful Cycle Accessories

Put your picnic into a traditional high-quality willow ladies bike basket, one of the most iconic cycling accessories for women, and set off on a family day out to remember this summer.

The little ones can bring their toys, snacks or a drink in this plastic kids bike basket, available in a choice of four fabulous colours.

Perfect for a little girl’s first bike, this flowery kids bike basket comes in white with a gorgeous flower pattern and is one of the most popular girls bike accessories. It’s even ideal for taking Teddy out for a ride!

Young adventurers will love this Crazy Stuff crocodile basket in black with a green crocodile; one of the best boys bike accessories around, this basket is the easy way to transport an explorer’s supplies.

Ladies Bike Basket
Childrens Bike Baskets - Different Colours

8. There is No Need to Leave Your Little Dog at Home When You Have a Sturdy Bike Basket for Dog

Let’s not forget your pet; your dog is part of the family after all. Now he or she can join you on your cycle rides in this pet carrier for a bicycle and be part of the fun this summer.

9. Don’t Let the Weather Spoil Your Fun Make the Most of Time Spent Cycling Together as a Family with Waterproof Cycle Rucksacks

Think you are just a fair weather cyclist? Make sure you don’t get caught out in a downpour and keep all your cycling essentials safe and dry in this waterproof backpack. The rucksack includes a rain cover to protect all your belongings from damp weather.

Kids will adore choosing their favourite vibrant print from this collection of cycle rucksacks – there is more than 40 to choose from! Your youngster will be able to carry a drink, snack and spare jumper when heading out on an adventure.

Best Cycling Backpack - Purple Flowers
Best Cycling Backpack - Blue Camouflage
Best Cycling Backpack - Elephants

Summer’s here and it’s time to order your kids bicycle accessories and get out there with the family to make the most of the sunny days and light evenings.

Whether you are hunting for childrens bike baskets, cool cycling helmets or other cheap bike accessories, discover our fabulous range of push bike accessories and shop the full collection of online today!

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