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Browse 10 Must-Have Fun Car Accessories, Including an iPhone In Car Holder, Novelty Car Gifts, Practical Organisers and More!

People often name their cars, which shows just how important they are to their owners. What’s more, there are so many fun and practical top car accessories which can be used to personalise your four wheels too!

Practical Car Accessories - Seat Organiser and Kick Mat

We have handpicked some of our favourite must-have fun car accessories including novelty car air fresheners, gadgets and essentials to keep your dog safe while travelling too!

1. Secure Your Phone with a Smart Or iPhone In Car Holder

Our phones can do many wondrous things these days, including guiding us to our desired destinations through Sat Nav technology. To keep you safe and ensure that your focus stays on the road, why not invest in a practical best in car phone holder.

This stylish design comes with a lifetime warranty and a powerful magnetism to keep your phone extra secure.

Furthermore, you rely on your phone to be your Sat Nav, you may prefer a dashboard mobile phone car holder. This low-cost design is a best seller and allows for 360 degrees rotation and can be used with multiple different phone brands. This nifty gadget accessory also comes with a lifetime warranty.

iPhone in Car Holder
Mobile Phone Car Holders

2. Snap up the Best Aux Cable Around to Keep the Music Coming

When you want to use your portable device, you won’t need to waste time copying files; you can just plug and play.

We have picked out two excellent options, so whether you need an iPod car aux cable or something for your tablet or smartphone, you will find the right product at a price suited to you.

This gold-plated male to male audio jack features a no-tangle coating and comes in lots of different colours.

For music fans out there, you might appreciate this high-quality version, which comes in various colours and gives a great sound performance!

iPhone Aux Cable For Car
iPod Car Aux Cable High Quality

3. Grab One of the Most Practical Car Accessories: An In-Car Charger

Stop worrying about running out of battery with a charger that is always there when you need it.

Having a flat phone or kids tablet is not an ideal situation, especially for long car journeys, so make sure you invest in this micro USB charger which will keep all your Android devices full charged.  Plus this charger is a fantastic buy at just £1.93!

Another great-value product, which charges Android, Apple and other devices, is this adaptable ultra-compact charger which ensures all your technology is covered, meaning you always have enough battery to capture those special moments with your phone camera and stay in contact with your family and friends!

Top Car Accessories - Micro USB Charger
Practical Car Accessories - USB Car Charger

4. Looking for Top Car Accessories to Keep Your Things Organised? We Have Found the Perfect Set Up!

A kick mat car organiser is one of several ingenious and good-value accessories, making it one of the best new car gifts you can give, especially to a young family. With its clear window, mesh pockets for charging cables, headphones and bottles, it’s the perfect way to keep children entertained with their tablets safely on view.

Better still, the kick mat has a zip to keep all your children’s books, toys and games safe. Plus, your seat is protected as those muddy footprints are easy to clean off of the material.

In addition, this back seat organiser also displays tablets, but features extra pockets to keep track of smaller items too.

Practical Car Accessories - Seat Organiser
Practical Car Accessories - Seat Organiser and Pockets

This multi-pocket mesh car boot storage organiser keeps all your things safe and in order, ready and waiting for when you need them.

Top Car Accessories - Boot Organiser

5. Keep Your Beloved Pets Safe with Affordable Dog Accessories for Cars

You want your pets’ journeys to be really comfortable. Puppies, small dogs and even cats will enjoy specially designed puppy car seats that keep them safe and improve their view, like this easy carrier with a clip-on leash and this adorable foldable pet bed and booster.

Dog Car Seats UK
Booster and Car Seats Dogs Will Love

Dog car seat belts, such as this safe nylon design, allow larger dogs to sit up or stretch out on one of these luxury car dog seat covers.

Dog Car Seat Belts
Car Dog Seat Covers

6. Freshen up Someone’s Day with Scented Car Accessory Gifts

There are so many good-value novelty car air fresheners available!

Vent sticks simply slot into the vent and fill your car with tasty scents, especially when you can choose from one of these firm favourites:

Car Accessory Gifts - Yankee Candle Air Freshener
Novelty Car Air Fresheners - Refreshers Strawberry
Car Accessories for Men - Novelty Car Air Fresheners

What’s more, the popular Jelly Belly fragrances also attach to the vent and fill any car with their delicious fruity scents, including blueberry and cherry, which last up to a month.

Novelty Car Air Fresheners - Jelly Belly Blueberry
Novelty Car Accessories - Jelly Belly Novelty Car Air Freshener

7. Add Some Funky Car Accessories with a Pug Air Freshener

We all know one person who is head over heels for pugs or maybe you are that person! Some of the most fun car accessories you can buy for pug lovers are these cheap pug car accessories that can be hung anywhere convenient in the car.

Perhaps this adorable vanilla-scented cartoon pug freshener is the perfect choice as a little gift for your friend, while this pug photo air freshener’s subtle aroma of peach will make any car smell divine too!

Pug Car Accessories - Air Freshener
Pug Car Accessories - Novelty Car Gifts

8. Add a Quirky Twist with a Range of Novelty Car Accessories

Just because your car gets you to work, doesn’t mean it must be boring! These funny car accessories will make you smile:

One of the most popular car gifts for girls is car eyelashes. These are cheap, easy to fit and can be attached to all makes of car.

If eyelashes aren’t feminine enough, fun daisy stickers will brighten your car’s exterior and you can arrange them however you want.

Fun Car Accessories - Eyelashes
Car Gifts for Girls - Daisy Stickers

With little cost and an equally small amount of effort, these funny wing mirror smiley face car accessories for men or women give your car some infectious cheer.

Among the best funky car accessories are these super affordable solar-powered bobble heads. There are loads to choose from, including cheeky monkeys and perky pandas.

Fun Car Accessories - Wingmirror Stickers
Funky Car Accessories - Solar Dancing Panda

9. Make a Statement with One of These Fun Car Aerial Toppers

You can brighten up the appearance of any car by adding one of several cheaply available car antenna balls. Many simple designs of these novelty car accessories are on offer, including the following:

They make excellent new car gifts and will help you spot your car in a festival field or a really busy car park!

Car Antenna Balls - Minnie Mouse
Car Aerial Toppers - Lucky 8 Ball

10. Imagine the Fun You Could Have with Funny Car Accessories Such as Joke Stickers

Nothing spreads happiness while on the morning commute quite like a funny sticker a bumper or window. With an easy-fit design and temptingly low price, you can perk up your car with a joke or message.

Moreover, stickers such as this Jaffa Cake design, will no doubt bring a smile to other commuters on those grey Monday mornings.

Funny Car Accessories - Sticker
Funny Car Accessories - Jaffa Cake Sticker

What’s more, any Disney fan who has just bought a new car will love this Mickey or Minnie sticker!

New Car Gifts - Disney Sticker
New Car Gifts - Disney Minnie Sticker

Just as you would decorate your home, you can personalise your car with this amazing selection of fun car accessories.

This collection of top car accessories, including car seat organisers, novelty car air fresheners and gadgets, such as the best in car phone holder, will help you get organised and have fun while on the road.

Finally, if you are planning a long car journey with your little ones in the near future, you might like our blog post featuring 10 of the best children’s travel games, books and toys!

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