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Top 10 Reasons Why These Cocktail Flavoured Luxury Body Products and Cheap Lip Balms are a Must-Have for Your Toiletry Bag this Summer!

Summer is almost here and for most people that means it’s time to start soaking up the sunshine and making the most of the long, sunny days either down the beach, at the park or with a refreshing cider in a beer garden.

Tropical Beauty Products - Pina Colada

With the warmer months comes  a great need for you to look after your skin and body, luckily these super cool unique beauty products will do just the trick

These multi award-winning luxury body products have been carefully crafted to capture the essence of summer while leaving you looking and smelling gorgeous!

They make for great unusual gifts women will love, so if you and your friends have got plans to celebrate summer in style then take a look at these top 10 reasons why you should buy the best tropical beauty products to match.

1. Huge Variety Of Boozy Summertime Flavoured Luxury Body Products to Choose From

You can pick your poison and find a flavour to match! Just take a look at this wide range of scrumptious cocktail flavours available:

  • French Martini
  • Pina Colada
  • Sparkling Gin & Tonic
  • Mango & Ginger Margarita
  • Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Cheeky Woo Woo
  • Peach and Passion Fruit Bellini

Sound delish? Savour the flavour of summer with these luscious cocktail gifts for women, like the delicious  Strawberry Daiquiri lip balm. Heaven on the lips but no lifetime on the hips for this one!

``Lovely silky texture, a little goes a long way. Leaves your lips soft, smells divine and tastes great. Highly recommended.`` Cat about the Stawberry Daiquiri lip balm

2. Looking for Unusual Tropical Beauty Products at a Great Price? You Have Come to the Right Place!

From cheap lip balms and toiletry gifts to luxury body products, you can find a product at a price point for you.

The prices on products like the French Martini lip balm (£2.95) might just surprise you considering how amazing they smell and taste.

The body care products are also great value! This scrumptiously sweet champagne and fruity blackcurrant infused body cream is only £7.95 and just the ticket to keeping moisturised all summer long!

3. Take Care of Your Skin this Summer With Nourishing And Hydrating Unique Beauty Products

Bath Products Women

Lounging on a recliner lapping up the sunshine is one of the best ways to enjoy summer but as lovely as the sun is, it can be tough on your skin.

Luckily it’s not difficult to avoid skin damage by using hand cream like this sumptuous hand bag sized Cheeky Woo Woo scented pick or this luxurious French Martini body cream.

Both body and hand cream are available in many of the different cocktail infused flavours too!

``Smells gorgeous. Really fruity and it's got a great consistency, not sticky and absorbs in really quickly! Can't wait to try some other products!`` Fran about the Cheeky Woo Woo Hand Cream
Hand Cream Dry Hands - Cheeky Woo Woo
Unique Gift Ideas Women - French Martini Body Cream

4. This Exciting Range of Cool Cosmetics is Truly Unique and Jam Packed With Holiday Must-Haves!

From Pina Colada lip balm  to English fizz bubble bath and even Mango and Ginger Margarita body wash, there is a whole range of boozy beauty products to try that you simply won’t find anywhere else!

These cocktail inspired beauty products have been specifically crafted to capture the spirit of summer.

5. Pick from All Sorts of Cocktail Inspired Luxury Body Products and Mix and Match Your Favourite Flavours

Cocktail Gifts for Women - English Fizz Bubble Bath

You like Pina Colada but your bestie likes gin? No problem!

You can mix and match so you can get gin related gifts like sparkling Gin & Tonic body cream for your friend, then why not treat yourself to some cheeky tropical beauty products too? We recommend the refreshing Pina Colada body wash and the classic Strawberry Daiquiri body cream!

6. This Collection Features Many Fab Flavours and Also A Wide Variety of Products Including Cheap Lip Balms, the Best Bath Body Products, Heavenly Hand Creams and Gift Sets

There’s a huge selection of different boozy body care products, from the best bath body products and top 10 hand creams to cheap lip balms and more.

Just pick your favourite summer cocktail and you are sure to find a boozy body care product to match. For example, the French Martini hand cream ranks among the best hand cream dry hands and who doesn’t love a French martini?

Unique Gifts Her - French Martini Beauty Products

7. Spoil Your Friends and Family With these Delicious Cocktail Gifts for Women Including Unusual Gin Gifts!

Where else can you find unusual gin gifts like lip balm and body cream? Transport your gin-loving friends back to the summer beach party with these great gin gift ideas.

Better still, when you are looking for present inspiration for your sister or best friend – these sumptuous cocktail beauty products will ensure your gift is unique and stands out from the rest!

8. Choose from the Best Bath Body Products and Indulge Yourself in Calorie Free Heaven

Enjoy the flavour of your favourite cocktails with none of the calories. While all these products sound incredibly drinkable and delicious, like the Peach Passion Fruit Champagne Bellini lip balm, they don’t actually contain any alcohol or calories. They’re tropical beauty products with guilt-free indulgence!

Unusual Gin Gifts - Gin Body Cream

9. These Cosmetics and Toiletry Gifts Are Dressed With Show-Stopping Beautiful Packaging Too!

These stylish products don’t just smell and taste like summer, they look like it too! The Boozi Body Care brand oozes summer loving with its high quality packaging. The Peach Passion Fruit Bellini set comes in a shimmery wash bag ready to pack in a suitcase!

What’s more, the lip balms will look fabulous among any beauty collection, for example the Virgin Mojito lip balm is in a sliding tin which are far more attractive than your regular drug store lip balm.

Unique Gifts UK - Peach and Passion Fruit Champagne Bellini Gift Set

10.  Boozi Body Care is a Multi Award-Winning Beauty Brand!

Boozi Body Care has won a number of awards for its unusual gifts women. Theo Paphitis, of Dragon’s Den fame, has declared Boozi Body care a winner of his Small Business Sunday award and Boozi Body Care was also awarded silver at the Pure Beauty Awards 2014!

So to summarise, we have got all these great products and reasons to indulge both you and your friends this summer:

  • Top quality body care products
  • Fantastic range of flavours
  • Great value for money
  • Unique gifts you won’t find elsewhere
  • Leaves your skin nourished
  • Gorgeous summery scents

Unique Gifts Friends - Virgin Mojito Body Wash

Show off while enjoying the summer with these fantastic unique beauty products. The extensive range of luxury body products make unusual gifts women will love, and will keep your skin hydrated while leaving your smelling simply fabulous!

Summer never seems to last as long as it should so make sure you seize the moment while you can! Shop the whole collection of unique beauty products today and drink in the summer with the best bath body products around!

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