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Enjoy Chocolate Like Never Before with these Delicious and Realistic Chocolate Tools and Novelty Chocolate Shapes

Calling all chocolate fans from far and wide, these novelty chocolate shapes will sparkle your imagination and sweeten your mood!

Whether you are looking to treat yourself, are hoping to spoil someone else or perhaps find an unusual mother’s day gift or father’s day present, we are delighted to present to you a wonderful selection of unusual chocolate gifts, perfect for every occasion.

Schokolat makes scrumptious high quality chocolate objects which are unbelievably similar to the real thing!

Discover the Magic of Schokolat Chocolate

Express Your Love With A Special Chocolate Gift

If you’re looking for unusual chocolate gifts which convey a loving message, how about offering the chocolate key to your heart? This intricate life-size replica of an ancient metal key appears realistic and really does taste as good as it looks!

Your chosen loved one might also appreciate the beautiful detail on this fairy-tale style chocolate heart key and escutcheon.

These high quality chocolate designs make a great mother’s day gift as well as anniversaries, birthdays and on those special occasions when you want to show your affection in a sweet and unique way.

Unique Chocolate Gift Ideas for Board Games Fans

Here is a pair of the very best chocolate gifts you can give to someone who loves playing chess. First up is a chocolate figure dressed in guise of a highly realistic chess knight, which even looks hand carved!

Unusual Chocolate Gifts - Chocolate Heart Key
Novelty Chocolate Shapes - Chocolate Key and Escutcheon

Not only is this chocolate knight an obvious gift for your cherished chess lover, it is also a great pick if you want to send a special message to your favourite knight in shining armour.

For those of you who want to spoil your mum or grandma with an unusual mother’s day gift, this chocolate queen chess piece is a charming way to send a message letting you know just how much she means to you.

Chocolate Chess Pieces - Knight Product
Chocolate Chess Pieces - Queen

It’s Time to Admire A Selection of Heavenly Chocolate Novelty Gifts

Do you know what time it is? Why, it is time to enjoy some of the finest chocolate, of course! This chocolate pocket watch is so close in appearance to the real deal that it looks like something straight out of a museum! This is a perfect souvenir for a number of occasions, but we’re confident your mother would be touched by this special gift.

Whether your recipient is a horse lover or a believer in luck, they will adore the gift of fortune in this chocolate horse shoe.

Unique Chocolate Gift Ideas -Chocolate Pocket Watch
Unusual Chocolate Gifts - Chocolate Horse Shoe
``Lovely, special chocolate horseshoe present. Gift boxed and about the size of a pony's shoe.`` (Gypsy Barlowon)

Taste This Paintbrush and Enjoy the Art of Chocolate Tools

If you are looking for novelty chocolate bars for the artistic minded, consider this incredibly lifelike paintbrush.

The chocolate paintbrush is extra special given that the casual white chocolate ink splatter across the bristles, is handmade and therefore unique to each product – what a gorgeous finishing touch!

``Incredibly realistic. My sister was convinced it was a real paint brush. She was happy with the taste too.`` (Zoe Simonson)
Novelty Chocolate Tools - Paint Brushes

Delight Sports Fans With Schokolat’s Novelty Chocolate Shapes

Mothers and fathers alike will appreciate this fun design! This set features a life-sized chocolate golf iron and golf ball, both of which look very realistic.

The combination of dark chocolate for the iron and white chocolate for the golf ball is a stroke of genius. So when you are next looking for gift inspiration for your golf loving dad or brother, think Schokolat!

The Best Chocolate Ever for Golf Fans

Get Your Chocolate Fix With a Life-Like Chocolate Spanner

This novelty chocolate tool could be the flagship product for Schokolat’s creative line of online chocolate gifts, whose motto is “Chocolate with a twist!”.

With every tiny detail having been carefully considered, this full-size chocolate spanner, which measures 22 cm across, is coupled with a matching nut.

While the pair makes a perfect gift, the duo would also make a great prank, just try switching an actual spanner for this replica and watch the confused look on your beloved’s face!

Schokolat and Their Unique Chocolate Gifts

As you can see, Schokolat Ltd is a company with much to say when it comes to novelty chocolate shapes and unusual chocolate gifts and what delicious statements they make!

  • These are some of the funniest shaped chocolates we have ever seen!
  • Designed to make for endearing, mouth-watering mementos.
  • Extremely realistic, meticulous replicas of everyday tools and objects.
  • The chocolates make unusual mother’s day gifts, birthday presents, anniversary presents and the perfect gift at every celebratory occasion!

Chocolate Tools - Chocolate Spanner

Browse Schokolat’s delicious selection to find a chocolate gift destined to go down a treat with chosen loved one.

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