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On the Hunt for Easter Gifts Adults Will Love? Here are 13 Ideas Including Beatrix Potter Gifts, Gardening Presents and More!

Like a fresh spring breeze, it is a lovely thing to use a little imagination and give a gift which isn’t just a standard Easter egg.

If you are planning a family get together this Easter, bringing some prettily packaged chocolate hamper gifts would be a lovely gesture of hospitality and a thoughtful way of showing your family and friends how much you care about them.

If on the other hand, you want to spoil someone special with non-chocolate Easter gifts you will find plenty of inspiration in this post.

Sharing is Caring So Treat a Whole Family With this Unusual and Super Fun Easter Gift

Easter Gifts UK - Chocolate Fountain

The Elgento three-tiered mini chocolate fountain in pink has to be the ultimate Easter present for the chocoholics in your life.

Your loved ones will enjoy the cascading rivers of chocolate in the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, the fountain is easy to set up and is a compact size which makes it easy to store.

Additional features of this mouth-watering kitchen gadget include:

  • A dial to control the heat and flow
  • Perfect for dipping strawberries or marshmallows
  • Ideal as a table top centrepiece for dinner parties

Perhaps the best thing about this gift is the fact that it can be used again and again, adding a sense of chocolatey fun to any future occasion – birthday parties, a romantic dinner for two or Saturday evening treat with the family.

Think Outside the Box With these Mouth Watering Cocktail Chocolates

This Easter, if you are looking for something a little bit different for that special someone in your life, these tempting chocolates will certainly impress.

Consisting of 12 luxury chocolates based around the theme of delicious cocktails, the Choctails Aperitif Collection is completely indulgent, and are certainly not appropriate for children!

This winning partnership of fine liqueurs and dark, milk and white chocolate – a match made in heaven.

Easter Gifts Adults - Choctails Open Box

Spoil Someone Special With Peter Rabbit Gifts this Easter

Peter Rabbit and Friends have been loved by children and adults alike for more than a hundred years. This Easter, why not treat a loved one with a selection of delightful Beatrix Potter gifts?

Choose from a notepad collection, a purple cased notebook featuring the famous character or perhaps an attractive Peter Rabbit striped photo album which is perfect for storing treasured memories.

Peter Rabbit Gifts - Notebook and Sticky Notes
Beatrix Potter Gifts - Notebook A6
Beatrix Potter Gifts - Photo Album

Easter is the Perfect Time to Give Your Loved One Gardening Presents and Floral Gifts

Have you thought about how cheap bird houses make a wonderful gift? We can reveal that you can save a fantastic 20% on this gorgeous circular wooden nesting box with a heart shaped hole.

The lucky recipient of this lovely gift will be able to attract small feathered friends to their garden with this wooden bird house, which has been specially designed for small varieties of garden bird, such as sparrows, and nuthatches.

Cheap Bird Houses - Heart Shaped Hole
Gardening Gifts - Bird House

The Fairmont and Main ceramic hand painted egg basket is made from high-quality china and makes an attractive, yet practical feature on any kitchen counter.

This garden birds apron has a pattern featuring some of the best-loved birds in the UK, such as the blue tit, robin and chaffinch. This thoughtful gift will certainly come in handy if your loved one enjoys baking afternoon treats!

The Christine set of three pocket notebooks with a selection of pretty floral designs and are appropriately spring-like.

Searching for Fun Easter Gifts for Men? We Can Help

Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts - Hand Painted Egg Basket

It’s a cliché that men are often difficult to buy presents and if it’s true for the men in your life, we have some unusual Easter gifts that will be sure to appeal to the trickiest customers.

Your man will enjoy a cold bottle of beer on the Easter bank holiday weekend, with the assistance of this helpful little bunny who can open bottles with his sharp front teeth.

How about this Egg Man Yolk Extractor? They are in the form of comical little egg-shaped men who simply and effectively separate an egg yolk from the white in one smooth movement.

Our unusual Easter gifts for adults will make this Easter a memorable occasion for all the right reasons. From delicious chocolate hamper gifts to unusual bird feeders, we have an enormous selection of great Easter gifts for adults.

Rabbit themed gifts - bunny bottle opener
Easter Gifts Men - Egg Yolk Extractor - Egg Man

Finally, It’s No Secret That Adults Love Easter Egg Hunt Baskets Too – Especially When They Are Filled With Delicious Treats

We can reveal that these charming baskets are available in two sizes and each at a discounted price! Save 10% on a chocolate hamper gift and make someone smile this Easter, whatever their age!

Filled with delicious foil-wrapped milk chocolate baby rabbits, ladybirds, eggs and even carrots, all snugly nestled on a bed of shredded tissue paper – they certainly look good enough to eat!

The chocolate hamper gifts contain everything you need for an Easter egg hunt, and the dainty seagrass and wicker baskets can be reused for storage or maybe blackberry picking in the autumn. These baskets are Easter gifts for adults that are also amazing value with our generous discount.

Our unusual Easter gifts for adults will make this Easter a memorable occasion for all the right reasons. From delicious chocolate hamper gifts to unusual bird feeders, we have an enormous selection of great Easter gifts for adults.

Easter Egg Hunt Baskets - Chocolate Basket

Shop now to take advantage of fabulous discounts on chocolate Easter baskets and exciting gifts to make this Easter filled with wonderful memories for all the family.

Finally, are you also hunting for Easter gifts for babies and children? Here are 12 great Easter ideas for kids!

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