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Get Set for a Summer of Tennis! Discover All Dates for Wimbledon 2017, Rules for Tennis, Stylish Activewear and More!

Are you a newcomer to Wimbledon who wants to learn about the history of the event? Perhaps you are already a keen tennis follower, and want to take your interest to the next level?

Wimbledon 2017 - Tennis Ball

This blog post will give you all the information you need about tennis, from the Wimbledon schedule 2017 to the perfect equipment and clothing for those of you inspired by the Wimbledon final 2017.

What is Wimbledon Tennis?

As with any major sport, Wimbledon tennis has a number of fascinating facts associated with its history. Here is a quick list of some of the most interesting things about the game:

  • The origins of tennis are uncertain, but it is known that the game was played in the Middle Ages. There is even a famous scene in Shakespeare’s Henry V where the king is sent tennis balls as an insult.
  • Wimbledon is the world’s oldest tennis championship, having started in 1877.
  • The fastest serve in tennis history was made by Australian player Samuel Groth, who managed a serve with the speed of 163.7 miles per hour in 2012!
  • The shortest match in tennis history took place at the 1922 Wimbledon championship. Suzanne Lenglen took just 23 minutes to beat competitor Molla Mallory.
  • The longest match in history occurred more recently: in 2010, John Isner took over eleven hours to take on opponent Nicolas Mahut.
  • The word “love” in tennis terminology to mean zero points is thought to be a corruption of the French word “oeuf”, meaning egg – a reference to the shape of the number zero.
  • The most successful male and female tennis players from around the world compete for a coveted spot in the grand final. Pictured is Serena Williams who has won the Wimbledon women’s singles 6 times!

Serena Williams - Information About Tennis

What are the Wimbledon Dates 2017?

Any fan of the sport will be asking themselves “when is Wimbledon 2017?” Well, here is a list of the relevant dates to help you remember the 2017 Wimbledon tennis order of play:

  • The qualifying matches for Wimbledon tennis 2017 run from Monday 26 June to Thursday 29 June.
  • The 2017 Championships will be held from Monday 3 July to Sunday 16 July.
  • Once the excitement has finished, it will be time to get ready for the 2018 Wimbledon Championships from Monday 2 July to Sunday 15 July next year!

Information About Tennis - Wimbledon

What are the Rules for Tennis?

The aim of tennis is to be the first player to score four points in order to win a game.

  • Tennis uses a distinct set of terms for its scoring system. The first point is called 15, the second 30, the third 40. Having zero points is known as “love”. So, for example, if one player has won two points and the other none, the score is given as 30-love.
  • If both players have scored 40, this is known as deuce. This is a situation where one player must earn two points consecutively to win the game.
  • The first player to win 6 games, wins the set. The type of tournament or whether it is female or male competitors playing, determines the number of sets.
  • It is possible for a player to lose a point. There are many potential causes, including the player touching the net, hitting the ball twice or out of the designated court.

There are other rules, of course, but these are the basics and will be enough for you to get full enjoyment from watching Wimbledon.

Feeling Inspired By Wimbledon 2017? Now You Have Brushed Up on Your Rules for Tennis, Join the Fun With New Tennis Equipment, Clothes and Gifts!

1. Quality Tennis Balls Need to Be Top of Your List

A set of balls is obviously essential when it comes to a game of tennis, so anyone hoping to join in the fun and step up their game, will need some quality balls.

Try out a triple pack of tennis balls which are suitable for all court surfaces, or a sleeve of 3 competition approved tennis balls, perfect for match play.

2. Make A Big Hit and Choose One of These Tennis Rackets for Sale

Any tennis player will need to invest in a good quality racket. When it comes to tennis rackets for sale, iconic brands such as Head, stand out in the world of tennis, so look no further than the Head Radical model to take to your next knock up.

The Wilson Federer style is also a fantastic choice to help you up your game.

Finally, the Wilson Enforcer design comes complete with three balls so you are ready to hit the court right away.

Cheap Tennis Balls
Tennis Rackets for Sale - Wilson

3. Make Sure You Look the Part on Court This Summer, With Our Fantastic Pick of the Best Tennis Clothing Brands

Get Bang On Trend With These Women’s Tennis Clothes

Tennis is great fun but when you build up a sweat in the summertime heat, you will need the right clothing to keep you cool and active.

If you want to stay comfortable on the tennis court, then slip into an Asics Women’s Athlete dress or Head’s Bella dress design.

For another fashionable option select the trendy a Head skort and enjoy looking on point when taking on your opponent.

These stylish sun visors for women are available in 12 different colours and at a bargain price! Choose a classic white visor to perfect the Wimbledon 2017 look or opt for a bright colour to ensure you make a statement on court.

Tennis Clothing Brands - Asics Athlete Dress
Sun Visors for Women
Sun Visors Women - Blue
Get Dressed for the Occasion With This Great Range of Men’s Tennis Clothes from Nike

Nike is amongst the top tennis clothing brands, and it is easy to see why! Worn together, the iconic logo cap, breezy t-shirt and comfortable men’s shorts make the perfect tennis ensemble for any Wimbledon-loving man.

Tennis Clothing Brands - Nike Logo Cap
White Nike Polo - Get Set for Wimbledon 2017
White Nike Shorts - Get Set for Wimbledon 2017

4. Pick from These Funky Tennis Themed Gifts for the Tennis Fanatic in Your Life!

These tennis themed gifts will make perfect presents for any fan as they keep an eye on the dates of Wimbledon 2017 and countdown to the grand final!

  • First and foremost, this tennis ball keyring will delight any tennis fan, young or old!
  • Avid tennis fans will love to russle up some healthy salads during the summer months, especially with the gift of these awesome salad servers!
  • For Wimbledon fans who enjoy sitting down for an afternoon with a cup of tea, this Keep Calm Mug is the perfect present.

Tennis Themed Gifts - Tennis Ball Keyring
Tennis Themed Gifts - Salad Servers
Tennis Themed Gifts - Keep Calm Tennis Mug

From ‘what is Wimbledon tennis?’ to the basic rules for tennis, you should now be clued up on the most prestigious tournament in the world.

What’s more this great selection of equipment and clothing is sure to get you in the spirit of Wimbledon 2017! All that is left to do now, is to practice your serve!

Finally, if you are looking for ways to get the whole family outside this summer, shop our collection of bike essentials, including plenty of cool accessories for the kids!

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